The Hubub About Boobs

Sooo…. within the last 24 hours my Twitter feed blew up with talk about yet another streamer who seems that have a severe focus on their cleavage cam. Now, the main argument seemed to revolve around Twitch’s new Rules of Conduct and there’s a lot of confusion in the community about the difference between that and the Terms of Service. Let me get this sorted first – the amount of cleave cam is in no way a violation of either ToS or RoC, technically. It is impossible to police something in this very gray area without taking a very firm stand on the specific issue, which Twitch smartly refuses to do as an entity and leaves it up to their communities to either accept or shun. In most cases it’s accepted – Kaceytron’s the most prominent example.

I can’t really say anything about this new girl yet to be honest. I personally couldn’t sit in her stream today – I feel like crap and that plus the insanity that was going on in her chat from both perverts and haters alike was just too much. But on a calmer day, perhaps I’ll give it a try. Personally I don’t 1. like boobs that big (real or fake) and thus don’t care to have my focus drawn to it and 2. I don’t think ANY female streamer should present themselves that way. #1 is pretty self explanatory – I just don’t find it attractive. I’m sure lots of people do but I do not. I have huge boobs myself and god, I can’t imagine having any bigger. Reason #2 is a different story for ease of explanation. 

There are two main ‘mass produced’ and distributed perceptions of female gamers: dumpy and slutty. Even worse it’s almost usually smart and dumpy, aka unattractive, fat, etc, and dumb and slutty. Like all stereotypes there is a nugget of truth, but it’s the two very small outer edges of a very  wide spectrum of gamers who happen to have a vagina. There is also the notion that a lot of female gamers, on YouTube or Twitch or in photos or wherever, use their bodies to bring themselves attention – and I don’t mean subtly. I mean by being as revealing and overtly sexual as possible.

These two things combined are why I hate seeing cleave cams.

And before you even try, anyone who knows me at all knows I’m about as far from a prude as a plankton are from a pack of starving velociraptors in threat level. I’m exceedingly open about all things, especially in the realm of sexuality. But that’s beside the point. The point is that I don’t want to ‘make things worse’ by perpetuating the thought that females can’t just be good at games or capable of being entertainers with a huge fanbase without showing their ‘goods’ off.

I made the comment about this streamer in particular that her boobs, not her cam – her BOOBS in the cam feed, took up 1/8 of the video real estate. The rest of her cam made it so that the cam was about 1/4 of the screen. That’s all well and good but that + her huge boobs = 0 focus on the game, which is supposed to be the point of your Twitch stream with the exception of when you’re doing things like unboxings, podcasts, or talking about gaming content.

In comes the argument that – well if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. True enough. But what happens when the actions of others impact your life and how people form their immediate reactions when they think about a category of individuals you are a part of? I don’t like the fact that there are other streams out there that allow certain kinds of content. Point in fact – I hate being in several big streamer channels because of their lax enforcement or complete lack of rules that discourage people from being complete trolls or pervy creepers in their chat. I love them as casters, I think they produce fantastic content, but I can’t bring myself to be an active participant in their channel or even fully recommend it to my friends some times.

And maybe that’s just me and a large boat load of other people I know feel the same. I hope she takes the suggestions I’ve seen pointed at her to wear something other than a V-neck shirt that shows 10 miles of cleavage. I’d honestly like to see if she’s actually worth my time to watch, as a person and not as some object the trolls & pervs flock to.

What are your thoughts on the matter? 

One thought on “The Hubub About Boobs

  1. I honestly think a lot of these girls think it will make their channel big. It seems like for a time it gets attention, but eventually the “boob-o-vision” gets boring, or it’s so full of trash in chat, there isn’t any point to watch. So either the streamer changes and cleans it up, or it gets relegated to the “no one watches it for games”.

    It’s within ToS/RoC, so feel free to do it. But I would hope that stream groups avoid adding this type of individual. It doesn’t bring anything “good” to the table, if anything it’s a detraction. Sure, you might spike numbers, but do you really want that crowd going to your other group members, demanding more cleave (and not talking about sword swings), probably not.

    Personally, I don’t care what one does with their stream. I think it’s a bad idea, not because it’s going to change my thinking of the female gamer, or that it’s degrading, or anything along those lines. I think it just brings the wrong kind of crowd mentality to twitch that would just be better left under a rock somewhere.

    My other hope would be that in looking at a channel for potential partnership, that twitch does take this into account, and a question is asked internally “do we want this representing twitch”. Since it’s not, I would hope the answer is no.

    And to clarify, showing off some cleavage isn’t a bad thing. Making it the focus of your stream to draw in more viewers and gaming is secondary, is just poor taste.

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