Yes, I’m alive

It’s been a month since I wrote anything here, though in all fairness the last post did explain why. I’m still not in any groove or schedule to be streaming consistently, nor do I have the energy when I do end up having the time. I’m finally finished with my day job and I’m into my last week of class – oooh yay finals! – so I hope to have some more time soon.

I plan to devote some of that time to making video content. Some of it will be on my personal YouTube, some on my gaming YT, and some will be live on Twitch (both on my personal channel and the clan channel). I’m hoping that I’ll be able to record plenty so that I can schedule videos to continue showing after I’ve gone into labor and am recovering. Obviously it’s not likely I’ll want to do anything but be with my bundle of cuteness and let my body repair itself for a couple weeks after that so I’d like to have a store of content to push while I’m “gone”.

I’m still active in other people’s channels, on forums and social media in the meantime. Be sure to follow all those things to stay up to date on what’s going on with me from day to day!