League Mentalities

First let me say, holy shit it’s been sto long since I last posted. As most of you know I’ve been busy raising a handsome lil boy and moving internationally back to the US so ya. Anyway lets just dive in, k?

I spent my afternoon today watching YouTube videos from a few people who are primarily League of Legends content creators. And a lot of them had to do with the recent event concerning Dunkey, a very well known LoL YouTuber, who has given up playing after it became no longer fun to play and his behavior got him a smack from the rito ban hammer.

Now I don’t care to comment on his situation. What sparked this post was parts of his video and others concerning his situation that brought up the frustration of playing League that leads to toxicity. And this is something I’ve thought about discussing before but never really went ahead and did it, but here I finally am so bear with me.

Let me preface what I’m about to say with the honest statement that I too rage at League. I have a foul mouth and I can tilt with the worst of them. BUT here’s where my mentality differs from 90% of the people I have encountered n the community:

I do not surrender.

With the exception of 1 or 2 situations, I do not surrender. And this is more than just the actual in game surrender mechanics. I mean mentally that I do not surrender; I do not say a game is lost until they’re smacking my nexus , everyone is dead, and the defeat art shows on my screen.

This is in direct contrast to the mentality of the majority of normal League of Legends players (aka not pros). There are so many LoL players who give up before the game has even begun. They’re in champ select like omg this comp is retarded we lost. Now I’ll admit I’ve said things like this before but never with sincerity. I’ve won some matches with absolutely ridiculous compositions of both champions and item builds that on paper should have never worked all because I got at least two other people on my team who didn’t give up.

And I really feel like it’s this negativity that is the root of most of the toxicity amongst members of the community. Rather than being flexible and going with the flow, people get so attached to the meta, to winning a particular way, to all sorts of dumb shit that they don’t step back and realize that their attitude plays a huge role in whether they win or lose.

Your attitude affects your own level of play first and foremost. More importantly it affects your enjoyment of the game. Secondly if you’re vocal it affects your team mates ability to perform. Whether it’s just telling someone what they should be doing or verbally trashing them, it’s distracting both parties from what they should be focusing on in the match. (Obviously this excludes constructive criticism) And of you are fighting internally you’re giving your opponent even easier opportunities to roflstomp your team.

Now, I know there’s lots of people you get stuck with at all levels of play who just do dumb shit or just plain suck art the mechanics of the game. I get it. But once again it’s possible to win. Its always possible. I’ve had matches where we’re outnumbered in kills by three, four, but more times yet still win because the other team starts throwing. I’ve no joke been in a match 9-40 in kills and won simply because I was allowed to backdoor through a lane and murder their base because the enemy got cocky and thought I wasn’t a threat.

Sure, those kinds of games are rare and they take a long time to wear down the enemy. But just because something’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Not does it mean it’s worth being a toxic player over.

I hear so many people say they wish the community was different yet none of them bother correcting their own behavior or mindset to help achieve that goal. I’ve been a League player off and on since closed beta. Its a game like any other that you can and likely will burn out on. You simply take a step back and come back when the spark shows up again. And believe me, if you’re anything like most league players it won’t take long for that addicting to start itching.

So TL;DR, stop thinking and acting like a douche bag, put on your happy pants and just enjoy the fucking game. And to make out easier, find positive people to play with.. Believe me, we do exist.