2016 Goal Setting

Rather than do some sort of “resolution” thing I figure it’s more practical to make a list of goals I’d like to accomplish before the end of 2016. This way I can really hone in on a lot of specific things and everything is measurable, plus it’s more rewarding when I accomplish tasks and less of a let down when I don’t because I can always keep them in mind and try again.

So far I’ve just been brainstorming and later I’ll actually break them down into categories with priorities in each so I’m able to improve different sections of my life. But I wanted to share a few of the ones I’ll really be going full speed at.

  • Reach level 15 in both Russian and German. This is via Duolingo and I’m already halfway there with the German part. I just need to make sure I’m doing it every day and this will be swiftly attained.
  • Get my license. Yeah, I’m 29 years old and I’ve never had a drivers license. I’ve had permits in two states but never got my actual license. I’m not very comfortable driving. It’s not that I don’t understand the mechanics of it all, it’s just well… maybe I’ll blog about it some day this week. It’s a long and complicated affair. But I’d like to get this before the summer. It’s something important to have now that I have a baby. Not that I have to have a car cause I’m perfectly capable of getting around with Lyfts and whatnot but it’s a convenience I’d like now that I’m not in a great public transit place like Japan anymore.
  • Open my Etsy shop. I’ll be opening an Etsy shop before Spring. It will have planner stuff as well as fabridori’s (fabric midori style notebooks), stuff for bullet journaling, and probably card stuff. I’m not really sure how far I’ll branch out on this but we’ll see. It’s mostly just to make some side cash doing stuff I enjoy as a hobby.
  • Lose 20 pounds. I don’t care if it takes all year, I just want to see the scale drop at least 20 ticks. I’ve been too big too long and even though I’m not at all looking forward to working out I am looking forward to just feeling better about my body. It’s going to be very hard for me to get started but hopefully it’ll become a thing.
  • Stream once a week. This is something I’d like to do that’ll hopefully turn into a more frequent thing. I miss streaming, even as sporadic and low viewer as it was.
  • Establish a real emergency fund. Adulting is hard man. This is something I should really have because it never fails something comes up when I don’t have anything to spare. It’s hard since we’re on just one income and this place is expensive to just live but it needs to happen.

I’m sure I’ll have a massive list by the time I’m done but for now, it’s less than a page long. Hopefully it’ll be a really productive year and I’ll be able to look back at a lot of check marks!

New Year, New Omega?

So we’re kicking off this new year a day late for the #365DoB (days of blogging). I don’t feel bad really considering there’s an extra day this year and I’m feeling like butt anyways. So too bad!

Anyways, as you can guess from the hashtag I’ll be participating in the 365 days of blogging challenge here at TDO. That means you’ll be seeing me posting a lot more frequently, considering I’ve not posted at all in months. I’ve decided to drop my personal blog and just combine everything to do with ME and not business here at TDO. Though I’ll be keeping the baby posts to a minimum because this its not a mommy blog even if I am a mom and I’d like to continue maintaining this site for my audience of viewers, gamers, and coders.

I’m hopefully going to be blogging at GeekInside.Us too now that I know it’s not gonna disappear. And perhaps a few other sites for guest posting. But I’ll also be opening up a new site for blogging about all this paper and planning stuff I’ve gotten into plus the tie in to my upcoming Etsy shop. However those posts will be less frequent than here at TDO so it should be easier to manage and put out better content.

If anyone has any requests for things they’d like me to write about be sure to comment or tweet at me! Not only would it be helpful but it’d make things mood entertaining for y’all I’m sure. I have a habit of falling into the daily life type blogging which even I get bored with very quickly. Especially now that my life is pretty much the same day to day.

Anyhow… I’ve got a lot of goals inn mind for this year that I’ll be sharing in a separate post. I think they’ll all be attainable with enough effort but realistically I doubt they’ll all be completed this year. So long as my high priority ones are seen to I’ll be happy. Hell so long as I actively work towards completing them I’ll be content.

2015 was a rough year to be honest. While it could’ve been worse it held some brand new challenges. Between the baby, a death in the family, not being able to see my family much, and a big international move it’s had many overwhelming moments. Luckily I’ve managed to make it through relatively unscathed and without any long bouts of depression or debilitating stress/anxiety. That right there is an accomplishment all its own. I’ve managed through two long periods of essentially single parenthood too, as well as being alone in a new place where I know nobody – again.

I hope 2016 brings lots of new opportunities and that I can embrace all of the things life with inevitably throw at me and make the very best of it. Here’s to a fun and productive year of learning and growth!