Meet Omega

So you wanna know more about me? Okie dokie! Let’s start with the mundane facts eh?

Omega in her groot groovin' shirt

Real Name: Keeshia
Age: 28
Birthday: Sep 24
Relationship Status: Happily married for almost 10 years now
Ethnicity: “Hawaiian” (Pacific Islander + Euro Mixture)
Where were you born? Maui, Hawaii
Where do you live? Ayase-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan (near Tokyo)
Where do you call ‘home’? Dallas, Texas
Why? Because that’s where the women of my family live
What do you do? I wear many hats.. see the verbose explanation below
Favorite Game: If I have to choose… League of Legends for PC – Harvest Moon series for console
Favorite Book: Taltos series by Steven Brust
Favorite Animal: Elephants, Turtles & Snow Leopards
Favorite Movie: The Exorcist (Horror is my favorite genre)
Favorite TV Show: Currently: Game of Thrones – my “guilty pleasure” is Scandal
Favorite Band: I honestly don’t have one, sorry

When did you start gaming?

Specifically I have no idea. Seriously… it’s before I can remember having an age. First console in our house was an Atari but the ones I really remember are the NES, Super Nintendo, N64, and PS1. I didn’t have another console other than those until the Wii came out. I still have my N64, but my Super got melted with my favorite racing game in it when my bedroom caught fire as a pre-teen (electrical short from a lamp) which also took my NES.

So what consoles do you own now?

As I said, still got my N64. Plus I have my husbands PS2, a shiny PS4 I got on launch day, a Wii and WiiU (haven’t found the wii a new home yet), a 3DS and a 3DS XL, and this christmas I’m looking to add a PS Vita to the mix (an exclusive color here in Japan).

Why do you game?

I game to relieve stress and to activate parts of my brain. I dump a lot of money and time into games because I have a real passion for them. Even games that seem to stress me out or make me rage actually make me happy – 9 times out of 10 at least. It’s an outlet where I can get away from real life stress and focus on something else for a bit. And when my depression is bad, it helps me get out of bed and gives me something to feel okay during the day when a lot of other things just seem way too difficult to deal with. But I’ll save that discussion for an actual post.

And most importantly, as an introvert, it gives me a very good way to connect with other people – either through games with multiplayer options or via the communities attached to them. I don’t find it nearly as taxing as being in physical company and it’s a lot easier for me to just ‘be myself’ online than anywhere else usually – though I’ve gotten over that last part in most real life social situations in the past few years.

What do you do again?

Alright… so… yeah. I’ve have such varying employment experience that honestly just saying I’m a “web developer” is kind of stupid. That is, however, my field of study and what my bachelors will (eventually) say. But I’ve worn many, many hats over the last 10 years from webmaster to web designer to developer to public affairs technician to freelancer to social media manager to… well you get the idea. So here’s what I actually DO: I develop sites for the web, I manage social media channels, I write technical articles, reviews, and other content for different sites, I still go to school, and I live stream whenever I can.

What’s your dream? 

Talk about a hard question… It is my ambition to one day be partnered on Twitch and hopefully even get the chance to work for them. I’d also really like to work for Riot Games. In a completely different vein it’s also an ambition of mine to undertake a very labor intensive project to create a new online learning platform that can be used regardless of grade level. It’s a very strong belief of mine that everyone should be able to be educated – no excuses – and it’s my hope that if I ever do get to develop this I can help make that a reality. I just don’t have the time/energy to devote to that endeavor quite yet. It’s going to take a lot of research, gathering of capital, and a lot of help in developing. Definitely don’t intend to try to conquer it within the next 5 years.

Right now my priorities are finishing school, birthing and raising my son, and reaching more readily achievable goals – like getting a good remote work job, building my businesses, and really practicing my various skills. And somewhere in there I will finally take the time to write a book I’ve had in my mind for years.

As for geographical dreaming, it’s my hope to settle my family down in the Seattle area. It’s a city my husband and I really liked and in a part of the country which has pretty much all the things we want and a climate we like (BRING ON THE RAIN!!).

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