I Miss Streaming

I never had many viewers and even though I’ve got followers it’s one of those things where nobody actually shows up when I do stream (on the random occasions it happens). But there’s a lot of connections I’ve made through streaming and meeting other streamers the i miss. Granted I still maintain some of those connections but they’ve all become pretty infrequent.

Of course most of that is my own fault I guess. I’ve not kept up with people since I had Leto. Its a hole most new moms fall into and I can totally understand why. It just becomes even more effort to reach out too others when you’re being exhausted by a little human your responsible for. And either your friends pick up your slack or the conversations just Neville less and less frequent. And sometimes there just die out all together.

It’s one of my goals to start streaming again at least once a week, hopefully starting soon. I’m hoping that I’ll get some people to show up and chat while I play. Really kills two birds with one stone for me. I get time to play a game and i get some socializing!

I’ll also be trying to pop into and actually chat in other streams again. I’ve been lurking in a lot of streams still but I’d like to engage again. This part I’ve already started working on. In the last 24 hours I’ve stopped by and talked to 31st least 3 people during their streams so that’s a start! 😛

Anyhow I’ll so rambling now. Be sure to follow me on Twitch and Twitter so you know when I go live! And be sure to come in and say hello too!

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