Being Sick Sucks, But Minecraft’s Fun

So I’ve missed some entries cause I’ve been feeling like poop. I’ve had what is probably a minor sinus/respiratory infection for a few days now and unfortunately so has the lil one, though not as bad thankfully. I also think he’s teething again and probably has one or two molar buds pushing up. That means I feel horrid and so does he so I’ve had to put on a smile and dance for him, so to speak, which is doubly exhausting.

I’m thus taking the time to blog from my phone while I nurse him to sleep. It’s a chance for me to simultaneously soothe him, rest, and write all at the same time! Go me.

Anyway, today I sound super froggy. It’s kind of obnoxious having a messed up voice. And of course it hurts coughing which is the cause of the stupid sounding voice. I’m glad I’m not streaming today!

I’ve been playing FTB Infinity Evolved Minecraft on the server @NPReno plays on stream. It’s absolutely ridiculous as most of you probably know but it’s extra insane for someone like me who just doesn’t play Minecraft much, modded or otherwise.

Sure I’ve played MC on and off for a while but I’ve never gotten very far into it, so choosing to play this is essentially like jumping into the deep end of the pool… More like jumping off the back of a cruise ship into shark invested waters with a sharp stick for defending myself lol. So far I’ve got my house and small farm built, plus a mine going with a smeltery, coke oven and blast furnace. No machinery yet but minor n reno were nice enough to give me a hammer n some other tools so I can now mine way faster so things should get rolling.

I’m actually pretty damn impressed I’ve gotten this far to be honest. Probably the farthest I’ve gotten in any of the servers I’ve been on lol How lame is that?! Anyway, time to rest and relax a bit. Cya next time!

I Miss Streaming

I never had many viewers and even though I’ve got followers it’s one of those things where nobody actually shows up when I do stream (on the random occasions it happens). But there’s a lot of connections I’ve made through streaming and meeting other streamers the i miss. Granted I still maintain some of those connections but they’ve all become pretty infrequent.

Of course most of that is my own fault I guess. I’ve not kept up with people since I had Leto. Its a hole most new moms fall into and I can totally understand why. It just becomes even more effort to reach out too others when you’re being exhausted by a little human your responsible for. And either your friends pick up your slack or the conversations just Neville less and less frequent. And sometimes there just die out all together.

It’s one of my goals to start streaming again at least once a week, hopefully starting soon. I’m hoping that I’ll get some people to show up and chat while I play. Really kills two birds with one stone for me. I get time to play a game and i get some socializing!

I’ll also be trying to pop into and actually chat in other streams again. I’ve been lurking in a lot of streams still but I’d like to engage again. This part I’ve already started working on. In the last 24 hours I’ve stopped by and talked to 31st least 3 people during their streams so that’s a start! 😛

Anyhow I’ll so rambling now. Be sure to follow me on Twitch and Twitter so you know when I go live! And be sure to come in and say hello too!

A Gamer Mom

I knew before having a child my life would change quite a bit, especially my ability to have down time and be able to game. Even before I have birth my lil one had cut into my game time severely because of the pain I was in with my super loose ligaments and shifty pelvis for two months before he arrived. It’s been almost a year since those two days of labor and I will say I’ve probably gamed as much in that year as I would have in a month pre-motherhood.

Some of that is due to the move, some due to the seven weeks I spent alone with a tiny Leto, but most of it is because until recently he’s demanded my attention pretty much every waking moment (plus many of his sleeping moments too). I’ve taken every opportunity I can to do other things like get some designing done or work on some projects of mine and I’ve managed to squeeze in some game time here and there too.

Luckily in recent months it’s been a bit easier to squeeze in a match of league (ARAMs only) while he plays next to me or is taking a nap in his swing. And I got to play EQ with my brother for a while late at night while Leto slept and i had horrible insomnia. I even got to play a little Black Desert Online for their first beta test recently.

But in general I’m still on constant baby duty, teaching him to walk and clap and say mama. Since I can’t seem to get much time to get any real work done it’s become my job to simply ensure he continues developing at his current accelerated rate. And I’m alright with that. It’s way better unlocking new skills of his than any game achievement could ever be. And so long as I can still play every now and then I’ll be sane (well, as sane as I ever was).

As time goes on he’ll need my constant attention less and less. I’m glad he’s already getting to an age where he can play by himself at least for little spurts, an hour here, thirty minutes there, and it seems like he’s getting back on some semblance of a normal schedule after all the traveling we’ve done recently.

Soon will come the balancing act of doing work in those grew moments I actually get to myself and doing something for my own enjoyment. It’ll be tough since honestly, being a full time, fully engaged, hands on, mindful parent is freaking exhausting. When you get those few moments you want to have some fun, play a game, read a book, take a shower by yourself – but sometimes you’ve gotta put on another worker bee mindset and do some chores, write some code, try and make some money… It’s a rough ride!

Here’s to finding some balance this year. To productivity and perhaps some extra income. All while still getting in my family time and game time. Where’s my wonder woman suit….

New Year, New Omega?

So we’re kicking off this new year a day late for the #365DoB (days of blogging). I don’t feel bad really considering there’s an extra day this year and I’m feeling like butt anyways. So too bad!

Anyways, as you can guess from the hashtag I’ll be participating in the 365 days of blogging challenge here at TDO. That means you’ll be seeing me posting a lot more frequently, considering I’ve not posted at all in months. I’ve decided to drop my personal blog and just combine everything to do with ME and not business here at TDO. Though I’ll be keeping the baby posts to a minimum because this its not a mommy blog even if I am a mom and I’d like to continue maintaining this site for my audience of viewers, gamers, and coders.

I’m hopefully going to be blogging at GeekInside.Us too now that I know it’s not gonna disappear. And perhaps a few other sites for guest posting. But I’ll also be opening up a new site for blogging about all this paper and planning stuff I’ve gotten into plus the tie in to my upcoming Etsy shop. However those posts will be less frequent than here at TDO so it should be easier to manage and put out better content.

If anyone has any requests for things they’d like me to write about be sure to comment or tweet at me! Not only would it be helpful but it’d make things mood entertaining for y’all I’m sure. I have a habit of falling into the daily life type blogging which even I get bored with very quickly. Especially now that my life is pretty much the same day to day.

Anyhow… I’ve got a lot of goals inn mind for this year that I’ll be sharing in a separate post. I think they’ll all be attainable with enough effort but realistically I doubt they’ll all be completed this year. So long as my high priority ones are seen to I’ll be happy. Hell so long as I actively work towards completing them I’ll be content.

2015 was a rough year to be honest. While it could’ve been worse it held some brand new challenges. Between the baby, a death in the family, not being able to see my family much, and a big international move it’s had many overwhelming moments. Luckily I’ve managed to make it through relatively unscathed and without any long bouts of depression or debilitating stress/anxiety. That right there is an accomplishment all its own. I’ve managed through two long periods of essentially single parenthood too, as well as being alone in a new place where I know nobody – again.

I hope 2016 brings lots of new opportunities and that I can embrace all of the things life with inevitably throw at me and make the very best of it. Here’s to a fun and productive year of learning and growth!

Yes, I’m alive

It’s been a month since I wrote anything here, though in all fairness the last post did explain why. I’m still not in any groove or schedule to be streaming consistently, nor do I have the energy when I do end up having the time. I’m finally finished with my day job and I’m into my last week of class – oooh yay finals! – so I hope to have some more time soon.

I plan to devote some of that time to making video content. Some of it will be on my personal YouTube, some on my gaming YT, and some will be live on Twitch (both on my personal channel and the clan channel). I’m hoping that I’ll be able to record plenty so that I can schedule videos to continue showing after I’ve gone into labor and am recovering. Obviously it’s not likely I’ll want to do anything but be with my bundle of cuteness and let my body repair itself for a couple weeks after that so I’d like to have a store of content to push while I’m “gone”.

I’m still active in other people’s channels, on forums and social media in the meantime. Be sure to follow all those things to stay up to date on what’s going on with me from day to day!

The Hubub About Boobs

Sooo…. within the last 24 hours my Twitter feed blew up with talk about yet another streamer who seems that have a severe focus on their cleavage cam. Now, the main argument seemed to revolve around Twitch’s new Rules of Conduct and there’s a lot of confusion in the community about the difference between that and the Terms of Service. Let me get this sorted first – the amount of cleave cam is in no way a violation of either ToS or RoC, technically. It is impossible to police something in this very gray area without taking a very firm stand on the specific issue, which Twitch smartly refuses to do as an entity and leaves it up to their communities to either accept or shun. In most cases it’s accepted – Kaceytron’s the most prominent example.

I can’t really say anything about this new girl yet to be honest. I personally couldn’t sit in her stream today – I feel like crap and that plus the insanity that was going on in her chat from both perverts and haters alike was just too much. But on a calmer day, perhaps I’ll give it a try. Personally I don’t 1. like boobs that big (real or fake) and thus don’t care to have my focus drawn to it and 2. I don’t think ANY female streamer should present themselves that way. #1 is pretty self explanatory – I just don’t find it attractive. I’m sure lots of people do but I do not. I have huge boobs myself and god, I can’t imagine having any bigger. Reason #2 is a different story for ease of explanation. 

There are two main ‘mass produced’ and distributed perceptions of female gamers: dumpy and slutty. Even worse it’s almost usually smart and dumpy, aka unattractive, fat, etc, and dumb and slutty. Like all stereotypes there is a nugget of truth, but it’s the two very small outer edges of a very  wide spectrum of gamers who happen to have a vagina. There is also the notion that a lot of female gamers, on YouTube or Twitch or in photos or wherever, use their bodies to bring themselves attention – and I don’t mean subtly. I mean by being as revealing and overtly sexual as possible.

These two things combined are why I hate seeing cleave cams.

And before you even try, anyone who knows me at all knows I’m about as far from a prude as a plankton are from a pack of starving velociraptors in threat level. I’m exceedingly open about all things, especially in the realm of sexuality. But that’s beside the point. The point is that I don’t want to ‘make things worse’ by perpetuating the thought that females can’t just be good at games or capable of being entertainers with a huge fanbase without showing their ‘goods’ off.

I made the comment about this streamer in particular that her boobs, not her cam – her BOOBS in the cam feed, took up 1/8 of the video real estate. The rest of her cam made it so that the cam was about 1/4 of the screen. That’s all well and good but that + her huge boobs = 0 focus on the game, which is supposed to be the point of your Twitch stream with the exception of when you’re doing things like unboxings, podcasts, or talking about gaming content.

In comes the argument that – well if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. True enough. But what happens when the actions of others impact your life and how people form their immediate reactions when they think about a category of individuals you are a part of? I don’t like the fact that there are other streams out there that allow certain kinds of content. Point in fact – I hate being in several big streamer channels because of their lax enforcement or complete lack of rules that discourage people from being complete trolls or pervy creepers in their chat. I love them as casters, I think they produce fantastic content, but I can’t bring myself to be an active participant in their channel or even fully recommend it to my friends some times.

And maybe that’s just me and a large boat load of other people I know feel the same. I hope she takes the suggestions I’ve seen pointed at her to wear something other than a V-neck shirt that shows 10 miles of cleavage. I’d honestly like to see if she’s actually worth my time to watch, as a person and not as some object the trolls & pervs flock to.

What are your thoughts on the matter? 

Post-PAX Shenanigans

I’ve been back in Japan from PAX for a few days and finally have some time (and mental capacity) to sit down and write. My flight to PAX was pretty uneventful, slept on and off and luckily it was straight through so it only took 8.5 hours and we landed a bit early. It was however pretty harsh on my internal clock since I left Tokyo at 4 p.m. and when I arrived in Seattle it was 9 a.m. that morning…. So yeah, longest Tuesday I’ve ever had in my life lol. I was able to get my shuttle and to the house with no issues or traffic and ended up having to kill a few hours before being allowed to check in to the house. I was able to drop off my bags though so I didn’t have to lug anything around with me and there was a Starbucks and Walgreens right up the street which was just what I needed. Picked up the toiletries and some snacks I needed then had lunch and a drink while sapping up the free wifi at Starbucks till the house was ready.

The house was nice – although the first two days there was rather warm. Because there is usually nice weather and the house has lots of windows it doesn’t have AC so it was a little uncomfortable trying to sleep that first night but the second everything cooled off and was pleasant the rest of the trip. The bed was very comfy and there was plenty of room for everyone. Only issue really was the retarded showerhead which really just drooled on you instead of actually spraying lol. But other than that all was well.

I took it pretty easy the first few days, just getting used to the time difference and relaxing – this was a vacation after all! Much needed after the months of stressful work too. Helped Gamur-chan put together his new computer one of the days which was fun and reaffirmed the existence of my seemingly infinite patience. And on Thursday evening I got to do a little shopping at Target, meet up with Waffle n crew and then head over to party at Kasper’s house with GQ, Eddie, and all sorts of other awesome. Which by the by, I still can’t believe they spent $1200 on booze n snacks lol.

Friday we kicked off PAX with a breakfast down in Pikes place at Bacco & Chan. Absolutely delicious! I had corned beef hash and I really wish I could have eaten everything in that bowl but then the guys would’ve had to wheelbarrow me through the expo hall rofl. And I certainly didn’t want to carry it around all day with me so unfortunately I had to just stuff in all I could and say bye bye to the rest. But man was it goooood. So then we had to truck up to the expo hall and start lookin around.

The problem with being a streamer is that you spend a lot of time at the Twitch booth lol Especially so for the bigger names. I mean, it’s a great place and all but there is a lot of other content to go and see in the expo hall. Personally I’m still getting used to going to cons and I don’t tend to play many games – I’m more of a gawker I guess. Plus this time there were the NA Regional matches for League of Legends,  so that is where I spent the majority of my time each day.  Luckily I had an awesome buddy who saved me seats <3 (Thanks again Rochelle! Was awesome shouting at games with you!)

I did get to play Project Diva F2nd … again. lol I  had already played it during it’s debut at Tokyo Game Show 2013 but I’m seriously addicted to that game, not even funny. It’s pretty much the sole reason I NEED a PS Vita – which will be my xmas present this year. I watched a lot of other games but the only one I actually queued to play was TOME. I’d been watching some other streamers play it prior to PAX and had intentions of playing it anyway so it was pretty no brainer to queue up and give it a go. I really do like the game so far but I’ll leave the praise and review for another post later on.

Besides that the majority of my time was spent hanging out with people. That’s what most of us streamers do at cons – network. Luckily I’m not a big streamer so I don’t have to deal with the whole fans stopping me all the time (maybe some day) so I was able to just tag along with other people and just have lots of good conversations. Really enjoyed dinner out with the chaos crew, getting to chat with Headwound_ and G33z3r_hd while eating awesome food. Finally got to meet my buddy Justin after years of talking online and being unable to find him until the very last day! And of course spending time before and after the con days with the “regulars” – people like GQ, Eddie, Acou, Wolv, etc. <3

Overall  it was a productive trip, made several new connections and got my feet wet some more. Got to meet people I talk to online all the time in person finally which was awesome and got to get away from work and do stuff I love instead which was a much needed reboot. I’m looking forward to next year and getting to share it with the hubby 🙂

Hinterland Games: The Long Dark

If you haven’t heard, there is a new game company on the scene dubbed Hinterland Games. This company, based out of Canada, is comprised of industry veterans who have worked on such games as Far Cry 3, the Saints Row series,  Neverwinter Nights, God of War, and League of Legends.

Hinterland’s games are imbued with a sense of social awareness and aspire to provide immersive, sophisticated worlds to anyone seeking a mature gaming experience.

As with the studio, Hinterland’s games exist to pioneer original experiences from the fringe of the mainstream games industry. Join us on our journey.

Their flagship game called “The Long Dark” was funded by a Kickstarter Campaign, which is how I personally found out about this awesome game and company. I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter and have backed several projects that I’m really interested in. TLD is the first game I’ve backed however and so far, I have to say I am not even a smidgen disappointed in the execution of this company. Every step along the way I’ve gotten wonderfully written, in depth updates from the creators and have even already started getting involved with their new forums, as well as my perks from being a backer.

Before I get into the game details, I’d like to give the team at Hinterland a huge shout-out for being one of the best when it comes to social media and customer interaction. A lot of companies only react if you post something negative or only retweet something that toots their own horn – but the people I’ve interacted with via Twitter and the forums have been amazingly responsive and fun to talk to! This sort of thing really inspires loyalty to the company before they’ve even released a playable version of the game.


Now on to the good stuff… let’s start with the first gameplay footage of The Long Dark!

Excited yet? When most people think about survival games these days they think one thing: Zombies! Now, I like zombies but because of this I’ve never really been a fan of the survival genre. TLD takes a different approach to this type of game by returning the world to a land where Mother Nature has taken over again and technology has crashed. We’re now in a place where food and water is scarce, shelter from the elements is needed, and we’ve been placed back into the food chain. How long will you last as you wander the vast wilderness?

Be on the lookout for potential supply caches, all the while using survival skills to overcome hazards introduced by harsh weather, wildlife, lack of food and water, and other survivors.

TLD promises to test your willpower and make you think by introducing scenarios that will test how far you will go to survive. You will play in first-person as a bush pilot Will Mackenzie and have the option to survive by brains or bronze. Details say the game will have both story and sandbox modes.

The Long Dark offers both a large open-world simulation space that encourages freeform gameplay, as well as a story-driven mission structure that draws players deeper into the fiction of the game and world. This structure means that whether you have 15 minutes or 1.5 hours to play, you can jump in and make meaningful progress towards an in-game goal.

Best of all is their desire to focus on memorable story lines, characters, and places. Too often in games people like myself are left wanting more, wanting that extra bit of fun dialog, that extra crumb to lead us in a new direction, and content that actually makes us think and reevaluate as we play. Don’t get me wrong – mindless shooters and other like games are great but they’ll never match up to games I give nights of thought and puzzling to.

For more information about the gameplay and progress, please check out the official site here: Into The Long Dark. And if you’re really loving the idea you can help the game reach some stretch goals and become a backer! Don’t forget to join us to discuss the game and get your input heard @ Hinterland Game’s Forums

LFT #1: Just Dance 2014, Project Diva F2/Mirai 2, the PS4

I just finished shooting a “recent purchases” video for YouTube and I thought I’d follow it up with a Looking Forward To (LFT) series here. In this series I will be talking about some of the game related things I’m looking forward to. So let’s get started!

Just_Dance_2014_NTSC_Box_ArtI’ve been a fan of this game series since I got a Wii, how many ever years ago. Not only is it a fantastically fun game that involves one of my favorite hobbies but it’s a darn good workout! This one, which I had pre-ordered a while back and just arrived this week, is the first one I’ll be playing of the Wii U variety (I had Just Dance 4 for Wii, not Wii U). And as dumb as it may sound I’m glad to not have to switch menus just to play the game ha!

As always, the song list is good with a good mix of throwback songs and current hits. There’s everything from Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj to Daft Punk to the Village People. And I’m excited to note that Psy’s Gentleman is on here as well. I’m going to tear that one up! Maybe some time I’ll even be brave enough to record me dancing to this game lol But don’t bank on it 😉

In addition to the usual Just Dance modes there is now the ability to use the game pad to change up dance moves or even songs in the middle of a dance. This definitely gives some more party potential to the game in addition to the “World Dance Floor” option which makes you able to play with other people outside your living room. I may have to upgrade my sister to a Wii U just to make use of this function 😛


Next up on my OMG MUST HAVE list is a game I have become hopelessly addicted to since coming to Japan. Project Diva is an arcade game that was ported to the Playstation consoles (PS3 and Vita) that features the Vocaloids, primarily Hatsune Miku – the most popular of them. It’s a rhythm game, kind of like Guitar Hero or Rockband, but different. It’s made by the people at Sega and Crypton Future Media and the quality is well, pretty much perfect to me. It’s due to release next Spring and is pretty much the sole reason I will be investing in a PS Vita. Here is the promo video that will give you an idea of how the game looks / works:

I was actually able to play this game at the Tokyo Game Show back in September and I gotta say I made a fool of myself dancing around with excitement while I was playing. It was the only game I tested that day because it was the only one I just HAD to play.  Next to it however was their 3DS version…

SS2-mirai-konekoProject Mirai 2 is essentially the “chibi” version of Project Diva. It’s a super cutesy version with different songs, costumes, and sets/features. It’s also made by Sega and Crypton Future Media. If you’d like to see the trailer for it, click the image!


Last but certainly not least – I am still very excited about getting my Playstation 4! I pre-ordered mine via the NEX and am 1 of only 8 people who get to pick it up on Nov 15, and yes – I’ve totally considered taking the day off from work to just play with it that day. We never purchased a PS3 because we didn’t really have any games we desperately wanted to play on it and it’s time we finally add another Playstation to our family (we still play the PS2 because of all the good games it had). As for games for the PS4, I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting Watch Dogs and I know for a fact we’re getting the F1 game. And even though I play Don’t Starve on my PC I’m going to play it on my PS4 as well because it’s just relaxing to be able to chill on the couch and play a game like that. Lastly I want to check out Wolfenstein, which is a little out of my “comfort zone” and therefore should be interesting!

So what games or nerdy things are YOU looking forward to?