Being Sick Sucks, But Minecraft’s Fun

So I’ve missed some entries cause I’ve been feeling like poop. I’ve had what is probably a minor sinus/respiratory infection for a few days now and unfortunately so has the lil one, though not as bad thankfully. I also think he’s teething again and probably has one or two molar buds pushing up. That means I feel horrid and so does he so I’ve had to put on a smile and dance for him, so to speak, which is doubly exhausting.

I’m thus taking the time to blog from my phone while I nurse him to sleep. It’s a chance for me to simultaneously soothe him, rest, and write all at the same time! Go me.

Anyway, today I sound super froggy. It’s kind of obnoxious having a messed up voice. And of course it hurts coughing which is the cause of the stupid sounding voice. I’m glad I’m not streaming today!

I’ve been playing FTB Infinity Evolved Minecraft on the server @NPReno plays on stream. It’s absolutely ridiculous as most of you probably know but it’s extra insane for someone like me who just doesn’t play Minecraft much, modded or otherwise.

Sure I’ve played MC on and off for a while but I’ve never gotten very far into it, so choosing to play this is essentially like jumping into the deep end of the pool… More like jumping off the back of a cruise ship into shark invested waters with a sharp stick for defending myself lol. So far I’ve got my house and small farm built, plus a mine going with a smeltery, coke oven and blast furnace. No machinery yet but minor n reno were nice enough to give me a hammer n some other tools so I can now mine way faster so things should get rolling.

I’m actually pretty damn impressed I’ve gotten this far to be honest. Probably the farthest I’ve gotten in any of the servers I’ve been on lol How lame is that?! Anyway, time to rest and relax a bit. Cya next time!

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