A Gamer Mom

I knew before having a child my life would change quite a bit, especially my ability to have down time and be able to game. Even before I have birth my lil one had cut into my game time severely because of the pain I was in with my super loose ligaments and shifty pelvis for two months before he arrived. It’s been almost a year since those two days of labor and I will say I’ve probably gamed as much in that year as I would have in a month pre-motherhood.

Some of that is due to the move, some due to the seven weeks I spent alone with a tiny Leto, but most of it is because until recently he’s demanded my attention pretty much every waking moment (plus many of his sleeping moments too). I’ve taken every opportunity I can to do other things like get some designing done or work on some projects of mine and I’ve managed to squeeze in some game time here and there too.

Luckily in recent months it’s been a bit easier to squeeze in a match of league (ARAMs only) while he plays next to me or is taking a nap in his swing. And I got to play EQ with my brother for a while late at night while Leto slept and i had horrible insomnia. I even got to play a little Black Desert Online for their first beta test recently.

But in general I’m still on constant baby duty, teaching him to walk and clap and say mama. Since I can’t seem to get much time to get any real work done it’s become my job to simply ensure he continues developing at his current accelerated rate. And I’m alright with that. It’s way better unlocking new skills of his than any game achievement could ever be. And so long as I can still play every now and then I’ll be sane (well, as sane as I ever was).

As time goes on he’ll need my constant attention less and less. I’m glad he’s already getting to an age where he can play by himself at least for little spurts, an hour here, thirty minutes there, and it seems like he’s getting back on some semblance of a normal schedule after all the traveling we’ve done recently.

Soon will come the balancing act of doing work in those grew moments I actually get to myself and doing something for my own enjoyment. It’ll be tough since honestly, being a full time, fully engaged, hands on, mindful parent is freaking exhausting. When you get those few moments you want to have some fun, play a game, read a book, take a shower by yourself – but sometimes you’ve gotta put on another worker bee mindset and do some chores, write some code, try and make some money… It’s a rough ride!

Here’s to finding some balance this year. To productivity and perhaps some extra income. All while still getting in my family time and game time. Where’s my wonder woman suit….

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  1. I think balance is hard for all moms and it’s something that will come in time. I am happy that I’m going into this fully aware that balance is going to be an issue.

    As for your hobbies, hopefully you’ll be able to get a little more time to yourself now that he’s a little more independent. I definitely would like to a podcast going, maybe even attach it to GIU so if you’re down, that would be cool. 😀
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